Leslie Ann Landry

Leslie Ann Landry

I am 57 years old and I have had a weight problem most of my life. I vividly remember trying weight watchers, diet pills and mixes as well as slim fast and meal programs like nutrisystem. After school I went to Gloria Stevens. Diets growing up consisted of not being allowed to eat waffles, muffins, cake, chocolate,, bread , cold cuts or snacks. I developed a dysfunctional relationship with food at an early age. I equated drs with lectures, disproving looks and disappointment. In school I was laughed at, bullied, excluded and made fun of.

My weight fluctuated after college. When I was 31 I suffered a miscarriage and again began gaining weight. I have received comments in my career about my image due to my weight. About 10 years ago a very traumatic and negative experience, I wouldn’t go out in public, shop or see people. Up until recently had supportive and kind drs. Upon going for my annual checkup in 2015 I discovered I weighed 300lbs. I was pre-diabetic and my triglycerides were over 300. Though the dr was concerned, she prescribed an expensive then a dangerous med. When I couldn’t schedule a followup apt, she told me if I didn’t like how she did things, find another dr! With diet and exercise I lost 69lbs. My next pcp was more supportive. I was able to lose more weight with nutrisystem. Office management changes caused me to change practices.I am fortunate to have 2 drs that I would pay out of pocket to see if they weren’t covered. They are kind, patient and go out of their way.

Recently I changed pcps to a local large group. As a full figured person this is always a challenge. I have full comprehension of calories etc and exercise. I walk, use the stationary bicycle, aerobics and dance. In January my current pcp put me on a diabetic med saying I was insulin resistant. I called a month after when it had no effect and caused hypoglycemic symptoms. I played telephone tag with the nurse. She told me the med would not cause Hypoglycemic symptoms. She lectured me at length abt diet, calories and exercise. I told her that I have been on many diets and programs in the past. She said females over 50 have problems losing weight. She said dr said was from another med I have been on for years and follow diabetic diet.I suggested checking labwork. They ordered only labs that would support this diagnosis. At my wellness apt she put no stock in the labs I paid for out of pocket related to menopause. She lectured me again abt diet and exercise. She told me to pay for $1000 breast ultrasound and mammogram out of pocket. I began receiving multiple calls for referrals to endocrinologists not in my insurance plan. No mention of this was made at apt. Upon calling for a referral to a specialist for my weight I was told I had to do research on insurance etc myself, then call for a referral. She says they can’t refer based on insurance.

She will not refill a med I was on since becoming a patient. A referral for that consisted of an email with 3 places to contact. The other PM I found my apt notes on their portal. It had several inaccuracies and missing information. Noone asked me about this information. It also stated I had recently gained several lbs and do not exercise. Neither are accurate ! I was angry, frustrated and humiliated! She claims everything stems from my weight. This is why people such as myself avoid doctors. She doesn’t seem willing to address my problems or concerns. Everything goes back to my weight. I am still dieting and exercising. Am looking for another pcp.

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