Promotional Toolkit

Thank You for Supporting Our Campaign to Stop Weight Bias!


Get Started

We appreciate your support and want to make your Champion experience as easy as possible when it comes to supporting and promoting the Stop Weight Bias Campaign. In this toolkit, you will find different options of content that you can share through your different communication channels to promote our campaign. Additionally, this toolkit also offers some best practices to keep in mind. Now click, download, share and help us spread the word to Stop Weight Bias!


Best Practices

  • Feel free to add your own stamp by creating your own posts, videos, blogs, etc.
  • Adjust the toolkit messaging to fit your organization’s voice and target audience.
  • Include links to the Stop Weight Bias Campaign’s website when creating your own emails, blog posts and social media posts. When creating your own social media posts, make sure to include our hashtags.
  • When writing your emails, blogs or regular posts, make sure to use People-First Language.
  • When using images for your emails, blogs or social media posts, ensure that they are non-stigmatizing images. If you don’t know where to find these images, please visit these five FREE image banks with non-stigmatizing images:



If you have any questions or need a custom item, please email [email protected]