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Is it weight bias if a healthcare professional doesn’t have office equipment for people with obesity like chairs, gowns, blood pressure cuffs or just tells them to “eat less and move more”?

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It actually is weight bias if a healthcare professional does not have these things and/or just tells a patient with obesity to “eat less and move more.” More than 20% of U.S. adults have reported experiencing bias in healthcare. People with obesity deserve to be treated with dignity and respect. They should be able to sit comfortably and receive an examination in comfort, just like any other patient. Also, today there are a variety of treatments available for obesity beyond “diet and exercise.” Check out the “Weight Bias in Healthcare” section to learn more.

Is it weight bias if the media uses pictures of people with obesity without a head or just a picture of their stomach?

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It actually is weight bias when media uses this type of imagery. Media is the number one place people with obesity report having experienced weight bias. These types of images dehumanize people with obesity and make them feel less valued. People with obesity have heads! There are plenty of image banks available that feature people with obesity in positive ways. Check out the Image Galleries in the Resources section for more information.

Is referring to someone as “obese” a form of weight bias?

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The term “obese” is a strong form of weight bias for people living with obesity. Let’s face it, you don’t call people with cancer, “cancerous,” so why use “obese” when talking about obesity? Obesity is a serious disease impacting more than 650 million people all across the world. Labeling someone their disease only further stigmatizes them into having less worth and thinking they are nothing more than their condition. Instead, use “affected by obesity” or “has obesity” when talking about this disease. Help Stop Weight Bias!

Is it okay to NOT hire someone for a job or promote someone because they have obesity?

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It is absolutely NOT okay to discriminate against someone because of their weight. Some states, such as Michigan, actually have laws protecting people with obesity from this. People with obesity deserve the same opportunities as everyone else – they are no different! Help us Stop Weight Bias and visit the “Be Part of the Solution” section today!

Is it okay to make fun of a child with obesity?

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It is absolutely NOT okay to make fun of a child with obesity. Bullying and teasing about weight by peers is one of the most reported sources of weight bias by children and it has lasting negative effects.

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